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Corporate Responsibility

Our company is based on mutual respect.  It is important that we care for our customers and their needs, but we are also concerned with caring for our environment. Infrastructure, social balance, and good co-operation between all stake-holders is very important to us.

For this reason, we endeavour to create opportunities for personnel to engage in “outside-of-work activities”, e.g. volunteering, membership of clubs, etc. We are further concerned with actively supporting humanitarian needs as they are met through contact with our company.

Michael Böck, our company owner, has led the way in this regard since being a leader in the “Baumpaten” Project. This project resulted in the promotion of planting trees in Augsburg, with the intention of actively involving town citizens and companies in the improvement of their own local environment.

In addition to involvement in this Project, Michael was also the acknowledged leader of the Executive Board of the Technology, Environment, and Innovation department of the Junior Chamber, Aughsburg.
Michael is an active supporter of the German Red Cross, and with several members of Nautilus Solutions he is an avid supporter of the “UNICEF – Together for Children” movement, which continues to work towards helping disadvantaged children all over the world.

The team at Nautilus Solutions are also involved in various regional youth and education projects which are designed to help bring young people back to education.